About Me

Hey, y’all! I’m Cindy! I live in the rolling hills of Kentucky, the beautiful bluegrass state.

I have a country side to me and I’m driven by memories of simpler times. I avoid the hustle and bustle of trying to keep up in today’s society. I just prefer to embrace a calm and peaceful rhythm to my day.

While here, I hope you feel inspired…
somewhere, somewhat, somehow…just like connecting with an old friend over a cup of tea.
 I can be a homebody sometimes, because my favorite place to be is in my backyard.

While there, I enjoy…

my garden and the lake.

I enjoy a ‘farmhouse’ look and style within my home. With a vintage flair, of course.

I’m a picker from way back. The love of the hunt has been passed down from one generation to the next. I did have a shop, Old Time Pickers, where I sold some of my finds so I wouldn’t be considered a hoarder.
Now, my latest adventure is opening a new business called Old Time Farmhouse. I’m so excited about this. We will be selling handcrafted and upcycled home décor online and at shows.

And just for fun…here are some more tidbits about me…

~I’m a proud grandmother of two adorable little girls who have a down on the farm lifestyle.

~I enjoy reading…all the time.

~Over the years, I have had a variety of critters, all who have adopted me. ~Besides being an entrepreneur, I’ve had a variety of careers including being a kindergarten teacher and a director for a college.

~I’m a nature lover, a tree hugger, and a beekeeper.So there you have it. My life is pretty sweet and simple.

I’m pleased that you took the time to neighbor with me.

Feel free to visit anytime. The screen door always swings open for Old Time Friends.
Farmhouse hugs to all!