Be Still Sunday 21

‘Be still and know that I am God.’ ~ Psalms 46:10

Good Sunday morning! Hope you had a blessed week. No matter what problems we may face on a daily basis, we usually can find something to be thankful about. Live each day as an adventure while having trust in the Lord and putting Him first.

My heart and home are feeling blessed…

~ due to our fabulous pet sitter. We have 2 dogs who are both ill and need constant care. They are happy and doing well considering the issues they have. It’s just more work and I have to keep a constant eye on them in case there is a downward turn in their conditions.¬† I’ve been pretty much housebound this past year and that makes it difficult when most of our family lives out-of-state. Then we found Sonia. Someone who has such a good heart and kind soul. We have been truly blessed to have her in our lives. And the dogs love her.

~after having a good visit, yesterday, with my daughter and son-in-law. It’s her birthday this month and she doesn’t like to make a big deal out of it. So we just enjoy visiting with her and taking her a small gift. It gave me some time to play and love on my grand kitty, also. And that little cutie is such a character!

~because the snow is finally melting. It’s making one heck of a mud fest outdoors, but I’ll still take it. The temps rose to the 40’s – 50’s yesterday so it really felt like a heat wave compared to what we’ve been having. I can’t complain about the cold, though, as we’ve had power, food, and comfort the whole time. But I will admit that I am starting to think about spring and my garden (smile).

My thoughts and prayers…

~ are with those who have been affected this terrible flu season. I haven’t had it myself, but friends and family have. It’s tough this year and there are so many deaths because if it. I truly feel for the families who have lost a love one because of it.

Please stay safe and healthy,


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