Twinkle, Twinkle, Rustic Star

I love this little star that captures a down home Christmas. Simple and rustic and full of country appeal.

That’s the look I was going for when I designed this little guy. And then we made more. We created a whole family of twinkle, twinkle, rustic stars in 2 different sizes.

They were a hit at a show we did last month so we recently reopened our Etsy Shop by request. It was a good decision. Now the stars are quickly being adopted and being sent to good homes just in time for the holidays.

Our smaller stars are all sold out, but we have some large ones left. They’re eagerly awaiting for someone to take notice and snatch them up. Of course, if they don’t find a new home…I’ll take care of them and still enjoy them. Twinkle, twinkle, rustic star…how I like you as you are.

Bless your heart and home,




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