Be Still Sunday 12

‘Be still and know that I am God.’ ~ Psalm 46:10

My summer lilies

I am feeling my heart and home blessed…

~with all my honey bees. It’s like being a momma to thousands. As a new beekeeper, I fuss over them, worry about them, and just plain enjoy watching them. Now that the weather has turned cold, I can only hope that I have done everything right to prepare them. Yep, I do sound like a parent. I’m happy that my bees are very mild mannered, but sometimes that works against them. Had trouble with yellow jackets this summer entering the hive and robbing the honey. Yellow jackets are mean little critters that are able to sting many times while biting, too.  I killed many of them trying to get in the hive and some within the hive. Just have to be quick. I kept telling the girls (yes, I talk to them) that they needed to defend their hive a little better. I couldn’t always be there for them. Then it finally happened. I saw a yellow jacket land at the entrance, ready to enter the hive when 2 bees walked out, grabbed the yellow jacket on each side, and flew off with it. It did my heart good to see such an amazing feat.

~because I put up my Christmas tree. Early. I needed to for a little boast after our floor dilemma and having to live with a subfloor for a couple of months. I bought the 4′ tree last year and it is perfect for the 2 of us. I have it sitting on the antique chicken incubator that I grabbed at an Amish auction. Pictures coming in a later post.

~with getting a full refund from the box store for our floor that they kept installing improperly. Whew! Doing a happy dance here. If you missed that post, it is located here.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed week,


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One thought on “Be Still Sunday 12

  1. Oh how cool it is to hear about your bees! Smart little creatures, too…”Take that, you nasty old yellow jacket!” LOL Oh yes, please post a picture of your tree…it sounds darling! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…HUGS!

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