Be Still Sunday 11

‘Be still and know that I am God.’ ~ Psalm 46:10

For me, it is easy to become still and connect with God when I go outside. No matter the season. There is beauty, wonder, and wildlife all around me. I’m in awe every time I walk out my back door.

I am feeling my heart and home blessed…

~with old family movies. My cousin, who I haven’t seen in years, sent me a DVD. What a special gift! It was something that I hoped to have someday. My grandfather, who I always loved dearly and looked up to, had a movie camera. You know the kind that was available in the 50’s/60’s. It was huge and had great big bulbs on it for the lighting. Those bulbs would nearly blind you. We had a large family and grandpa always took movies of all our gatherings. Anyway, years later an aunt had possession of these said movies and stored them away. Finally, they were made into DVD’s. And my cousin was so kind to think of me and send me one. I popped it in to watch and there I was at the family Christmas. I was two years old with a short little dress and chubby legs. So funny. It was great to see all of us growing up right before the camera. I miss big family gatherings. Everyone seems to be too busy these days. And my cousin who sent me the DVD said the same thing. We miss the good old days where family came first no matter what.

~with the ability to experience the change of the seasons on the lake. Spring is exciting as everything comes to life. Summer is full of fun with good food from my garden. Fall is my favorite season as it is so colorful. Now I’ll admit that I’m not too fond of winter, but it can be so beautiful here on the lake. And have you ever heard a lake speak? When it gets extremely cold and the lake freezes, it makes odd noises that seem to echo. Very eerie and really cool at the same time.

~that I have enjoyed living in the same house for 25 years. My, how time passes so quickly. We moved a lot when I was a child. I didn’t want that for me or my family. When we were first married, we started off in a trailer. Then we bought a house that we lived in for 12 years. We bought our current house when we left Ohio and moved to Kentucky. Love it here. Our next adventure will be when my hubby retires and we hope to move to Tennessee to be closer to our grandchildren.

Have a blessed day,



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2 thoughts on “Be Still Sunday 11

  1. What a lovely place to live! Sounds like a vacation retreat! We have old family ,movies of my Dad’s on video cassettes (they were transferred many years ago). Even my kids love watching them and seeing me and my siblings as little kids. Circle of life:)
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  2. Like you, I love to be outside and find Gods voice seems more clear to me when I am in nature. What a wonderful place to be still and commune with the HOLY SPIRIT. So enchanting. Whenever you feel the frustration creeping in over your floors all you have to do is take off your shoes and run wild thru your grass, and you will be happy again. Love your pictures and your views.

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