Hustle in my Bustle

Yikes! Will I be ready? I have no choice. I have to be. I have a hustle in my bustle as we have a show coming up. Soon. Like this Saturday. So it’s one crazy mess around here with wood, sawdust, paint, and stain scattered about. But there is progress.

We have decided that we will start doing shows again. We will be doing this one for now as it is only a couple of miles from us. And it attracts quite a large crowd. We hope to do more shows sometime in the future. Right now, it’s not possible to do because of the commitments and responsibilities I have. But for now we can plan and have some direction when the time comes.

We’re specializing in inspirational décor so our customers can surround themselves with simple charm and sweet grace to celebrate their family, friends, and faith. And, of course, we’ll have some seasonal décor. Gotta have some crafted pumpkins, ya know. We’ll take some vintage and primitive items for display and to sell also. I’m striving for a good ole’ farmhouse feel for our space. I’m so looking forward to this show and as long as we have no rain, everything should be great. Keeping fingers crossed!

Bless your heart & home,



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