Be Still Sunday 5

‘Be still and know that I am God.’ ~ Psalm 46:10

As I have mentioned before, this is my favorite verse. As the world competes for our attention and wins many times over, this verse contains all the wisdom we need. It’s so simple. Just be still.

Today, I am feeling my heart and home blessed…

~cause today is October 1 and the weather here has finally cooled off a little. Now it feels like fall to me and I may just be ready for some pumpkins and mums. And some apple dumplings. Definitely some apple dumplings.

~ with having such a wonderful son-in-law. He is a devoted husband and father. We are so fortunate that he is a member of our family. And would you believe that he recently delivered their third child at home? No, it wasn’t planned that way. My daughter just has her babies very quickly.  🙂

~due to the little bird that sleeps on my porch every evening. I love nature and enjoy all our birds. We have lived in this house for years and we have always had a bird, sometimes two, sleeping on our porch. Now, I have to mention the bat that thought he’d try out our porch for a sleeping perch. Thing is, bats sleep during the day and he was hanging upside down right above our door. Ummm, no. So I thought I’d make some noise so he would decide to not come back. When he started to move, I quickly ran into the house. Whew, that was the last I saw of him.

My thoughts and prayers…

~are with those in Puerto Rico. May they receive the relief they so desperately need.

October blessings,


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