Backyard Blessings

Good Wednesday afternoon! Peak season for fall colors is not here, yet. But it still is pretty here on the lake. Actually, it’s pretty all year round here.

This sunflower is just beginning to open up. It’s definitely a late bloomer as all my other sunflowers are long gone. And this sunflower even has a friend. It’s been there a couple of days now.

It may not be peak season, but leaves sure have been falling. Lots of raking to do. And burning, too. It takes some time to do the whole yard, but I enjoy it. I have that beautiful lake to look at. True backyard blessings.

Before you know it, it will be cold and the holiday season will be upon us. So…how is your fall going?

Hope you are having a blessed week,


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3 thoughts on “Backyard Blessings

  1. Beautiful fall photos! I love sunflowers, in our area they have all turned brown and black already. A late bloomer would give a nice pop of color.

    Your ferns are gorgeous! Do you take them inside over the winter? I’ve never had any ferns, but would love to someday.


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