What’s Your Style?

I was bee bopping around the internet the other day, when I came across a Find Your Style quiz by Pottery Barn. I almost forgot that Pottery Barn existed. That is how busy I have been and how sidetracked I have become. I used to love Pottery Barn and visited their online store quite often. Not so much anymore so I thought I’d click on over and check it out.

Anyhoo…I know my style. It’s farmhouse all the way. For years and years, it has been farmhouse. In the old days, it was called country. There have been some changes in the style over the years, but it’s all the same concept. For me, it’s all about holding tight to the good old days with touches of rustic charm and sweet simplicity.

I took the quiz and guess what? My style is…farmhouse. Yep! I’m all about a warm and welcoming home with worn wood and galvanized metal. You can walk through our double front doors and smell cookies baking in the oven and fresh flowers on the kitchen table. You’ll have to step over the dogs and be greeted by the cat. I’ll be barefoot, wearing jeans and a t-shirt and have garden dirt under my fingernails. It’s not just a décor style for me. It’s a way of life. And I love it!

If you want to take the quiz, it’s at https://www.potterybarn.com/pages/style-finder-quiz/.  If you do take the quiz, come on back and share your style with me. I’m just curious.

Bless your heart and home,


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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Style?

  1. The things you love, the farmhouse style, the wood, the galvanized metal, I love too, except I have to share the log cabin with a hunter. Too many deer mounts and turkey tails, cowboy and Indian stuff, but it could be worse. I still use granite ware and oil lamps. I want to take the quiz and will let you know what I am, which is probably a mixed up mess. 🙂

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