My Cat is an Interior Decorator

What am I to do with her? Everything I attempt to do, she is right there giving her opinion. And that includes decorating. Meet Kit Kat, the black cat who adopted me years ago. She is my sidekick. No, I take that back. I’m her sidekick.

She loves it when I want to rearrange anything in this house. If I start pulling boxes out of the basement, she’s right there. I swear I can hear her saying ‘oh, oh, oh…look at this sweet vintage piece here’ and ‘ah, why don’t you use this here’. But in actuality, she’s just purring and meowing at me. She’s a real talker. This house is never really quiet and I am never really alone.

Anyhoo, a few weeks back I had to move a few things around in the kitchen so I found myself having to rearrange the top of my chicken incubator. It’s a piece I bought at an Amish auction. It had an oil contraption hooked up to it to provide warmth to baby chicks without using electricity. Very cool, but I had to remove the contraption to be able to use this as a furniture piece in the house.

I remembered that I had a gym locker basket that I knew I could use on it. I first lined it with 2 vintage pillowcases and put it on the incubator. Now what to put in it…cookbooks?…graniteware?… ironstone? Before I could decide, Kit Kat decided for me. She thought it would make the best bed ever. Really! I know when I’m defeated. I walked away and let her take a nap in the basket.

Later, I put some of my collection of graniteware into the basket and called it done. That hasn’t stopped Kit Kat from hopping onto the incubator to keep an eye on that basket. She thinks she looks better in it than that old graniteware. Anybody need an interior decorator with an attitude?

Have a blessed weekend,



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