It’s Fall Y’all!

I’m an outdoor gal. I have a garden. I keep bees. I enjoy the lake out back. So when I say fall is my favorite time of the year, it’s because of all the glorious wonder that goes on all around me. And I don’t really have to decorate as someone else has it all covered and we need to give Him the praise.

I’m like a child experiencing fall for the very first time every single year. The variety and view of all the colors…the cooling off in which a sweater is much appreciated…the sounds of crickets celebrating the season…getting cozy around our fire pit…drinking hot apple cider…and of course, raking leaves. We have plenty of leaves. In fact, some of our trees are already dropping their leaves.

Sign I have made for an upcoming show.

Today, I thought I would share with you a few fall photos from previous years. The vibrant fall colors usually hit here around mid-October. I can wait. And have I done any fall decorating on my own? Nope. Not yet. Even though my flowers are coming to an end out back, my flowers are still looking great out front. I always have a hard time pulling them out to make way for fall d├ęcor so I wait as long as possible.

And I don’t want to rush the season. After all, fall is all about slowing down and enjoying the season. So that is what I’ll do. How about you?

Fall blessings,


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