No matter where I am out in the yard, I’ll run into Fred. Or is it that he runs into me?  There’s a total of 1 and 1/3 acres out there and he sure knows how to get around. And why the name name Fred? I don’t know, he just looks like a Fred.

He’s pretty friendly and not afraid of my dogs even though he should be as Dale hates turtles. Dale just can’t figure them out and where they belong on the food chain. Lucky for Fred, Dale is usually on a leash with me so there is no funny business on Mom’s watch.

Fred is the official mascot here at Old Time Farmhouse. Every year some critter ends up keeping me company while I’m out back in the garden or enjoying the lake. Last year, the chosen mascot was Missy. Here she is on my zinnias.

Missy was very loyal and friendly, too. I was the crazy lady that would work in the garden and talk to her. Honestly, she probably listened more to me than anyone else in my family. At least she was polite and would turn her head and act as if she was truly listening. She totally trusted me as I trimmed off old zinnia blooms all around her. She was quite a worker, too. I had a pest problem that year and she did her part to keep it under control.

She did have a male visitor and I excused myself so they could have some privacy…after taking pictures, of course, which I won’t share here, LOL. And I did not want to hang around to see if she, ya know, devoured her mate. Enough said.

Can’t wait to see who will be designated our official mascot next year. Trust me. It won’t be the snake I chased off and then couldn’t find. I just know he will pop out and surprise me when I least expect it. I love living on a lake, but I’ll tell you, there are some downsides to it. But I’m a tough old gal. We’ve lived here for almost 25 years and no creepy critters have been able to run me off yet.

Loving the lake life,



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