Be Still Sunday 3

‘Be still and know that I am God.’ ~ Psalm 46:10

Today, I am feeling my heart and home blessed…

~with the sound of ‘our’ owl hooting in the early morning darkness. He serenated me while I took the dogs out into the yard the other morning. I love hearing him and wish I could catch a glimpse. Sometimes he’s in one of our trees by the house. Other times, he’s on the other side of the lake or somewhere in between. What a hoot!

~due to the friends I have made through blogging. Who would have thought that I would get to know and enjoy the friendship of gals I have never met in person. I have had the wonderful opportunity to welcome Dru (and her husband) at The Country Farm Home into my home. My hope is to meet more of my blogging buddies face to face.

~because I choose to be happy. Well, as much as possible anyway. It’s all about attitude and perspective…how we look at life and how we respond to it. I can be in a bad mood or I can be in a good mood. I’d rather be in a good mood so I choose happy.

My thoughts and prayers…

~are for those who died in the nursing home incident in FL after Hurricane Irma. I have a soft spot in my heart for the elderly. As a little one, I spent my days with my grandma who worked in a nursing home. I have fond memories of some of the residents there. One gentleman would often take a walk to the corner store. He always bought me a Mars candy bar. Every time. So my thoughts and prayers are with those residents and their families.



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3 thoughts on “Be Still Sunday 3

  1. Oh, I have thought a lot about those who died in the nursing home. That was the saddest thing.

    My husband and I were just talking yesterday about how we haven’t heard any owls lately. Of course, that is probably a good thing here since we have guineas that sleep in the tree tops at night.

  2. We always have a choice to either look for the good or look for the bad, we’ll find whatever we look for. I always choose happiness also!! 🙂

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