A New Journey on the Horizon


Day in and day out, we’ve been pretty content living here on the lake. For a whole 25 years. Where has the time gone? We’ve knocked around the idea of downsizing someday as taking care of this property is a lot of work. But did I mention we are content here? Really happy. But life has thrown us a curve ball (for another post) that makes us consider what do we really want in life. We’re in our young 60’s so now is a heck of a time to ask that question.


But we all have seasons in our lives and soon we will be moving into a new one for us. Hubby will be retiring in 4 years so we’ve made the decision to get up and get moving. We are originally from Ohio, currently living in Kentucky, and plan to move to Tennessee in 4 years so¬† we will be closer to our grandchildren.


We do plan to downsize so I will be looking for a farmhouse cottage. For fun, I went onto Zillow to see what was available. I must say that it may be difficult to find what I’m looking for. I told hubby that there just aren’t too many tiny homes in that area and I just was not going to move into any old house. Then he said something that made me go giddy. He said that I can seriously start looking in 2 years. Yippee! I’ll have 2 years to look for our cottage. He said if we find one before he retires, we’ll just buy it and we can fix it up to our liking until we move. Be still my heart!


So what am I looking for exactly? All the pictures here on this post is of a little treasure I was able to find on Zillow. And it’s just what I’m looking for…a small farmhouse cottage on an acre in the country with 2 creeks running though it and mountain views. There are fruit trees and bushes and garden areas for my veggies and flowers. Sigh. This is what I’ll be dreaming of and hoping to find in the near future. I’m excited as the time will be here before I know it.

Bless your heart & home,


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4 thoughts on “A New Journey on the Horizon

  1. Dear Cindy,
    I can so identify with your position as to downsizing. We are currently trying to sell our home and are looking to find something smaller than our current 3,000+feet. It is very frustrating because nothing we see in our price range meets our esthetic needs. We are trying to keep the purchase price low on a smaller home so we can put a considerable amount in the bank. We are in our late seventies and living on fixed income so we need to think of the future. It is wonderful that you will have plenty of time to look and that you can go ahead and purchase it before you sell your current home. And have time to fix it up to your needs and wants. Best of luck to you and I will keep following to see how it goes for you.

  2. Cindy, I’m so excited for you!! This sweet farmhouse is darling! We moved into this bigger home 8 years ago. It has been the perfect gathering home for our family. However, I’m thinking that I want to downsize in 5 or so years. I guess life is always changing!

  3. Cindy, we really are planning some very similar things for our future, aren’t we? We actually hope to move next spring or summer and start building our little farmhouse on our son’s land in TN, as you probably remember. This little blue farmhouse is just adorable and sounds like it has just what you may be looking for… although you are not quite ready for it yet. I hope you when you begin your search for real, that you are able to find something like this as well. I am looking forward to country living! HUGS!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    I am now enthralled in your blog. We have much in common. Just about 2 yrs ago I decided to downsize from 2,800′ home to a sm 560′ old farmhouse. I prayed about it and bought a darling little century old farmhouse, online, sight unseen in the Appalachian mountains of NC, where I knew not a sole. I moved from WA state and drove over 3k miles to arrive at my current home just over 2 yrs ago. A huge step of faith. I do not regret it at all. I also own a 8×18′ TINY house on wheels which sits on my acre here in the country and next to my farmhouse. The story is on my blog. I have never regretted the change and am blessed to be mortgage free and have a home on an acre with mountain views and nearby rivers, and a creek that I listen to from my covered front porch. Seeing that little blue farmhouse made me smile and I just love it. Perhaps that is the one for you? Anyway.. many blessings as new doors will open for you in the near future.

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