The Voice of the Garden

What do you hear in your garden? Do you listen? I do and it has been definitely missing something. It’s been a bit silent. Where is that sweet little hum that I should be hearing? I felt I was working all by myself except for a few bumblebees buzzing back and forth.

So where are all the honeybees? I had none. Nada. And it has been that way for years. They say bees are disappearing and that fact has been apparent in my garden. So what to do? Well, become a beekeeper. Why not? I’ve always been fascinated by bees.

‘The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.’ ~ Elizabeth Lawrence

And now? My garden has come alive and is humming a happy tune.

Bless Your Heart & Home,

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One thought on “The Voice of the Garden

  1. Cindy, I have a ton of bees in my garden. Big bumbles and regular ones. I think it’s because alot of people have bees in this area. Love your bee boxes. I love the stack of chippy ones that I see. I would love some in my garden just for their cuteness. lol!

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