Bee My Honey

I’m so excited! I just attended my first beekeeping class.

I want bees. I want honey. I want beeswax.

I’ve been so interested in the possibility of keeping bees.

I just need to make sure it’s a good fit for me before I jump into doing it.



As you probably know, our bees are in trouble. They are dying and their numbers are dwindling.

When I was a kid, there were bees everywhere. Not so much anymore.

I plant flowers specifically to bring the bees to my garden because I need them. We all need them.


I’ve always been fascinated with bees. One of my first memories is being stung by a bumblebee. I was in the backyard of my grandparent’s home at the age of 3 or 4 playing with my cousin. I saw the bee land on clover and I told my cousin that bees were nice and don’t hurt you. Well, I proceeded to prove that theory by cupping my hands over the bee to capture him. Meanwhile, my cousin was screaming at me, ‘NO, Cindy, NO!!!’ Too late. Of course the bee stung me. And I remember crying and running into the house for sympathy and attention. It was a family gathering and all the women were hustling about in the kitchen preparing a meal for all of us. Needless to say…there was no time to baby me over a little bee sting. I do remember a baking soda paste was made and applied to my little injury. And here I am 50 some years later, still wanting to play with bees and prove that they are nice.


Bees can be nice if handled properly. That is what I want to learn.

Our instructors handled the bees with no gloves and let the bees crawl on their hands.

The photo above is of fellow class members suited up to help the instructors.

We will actually be building a hive and will be able to release bees into it.

I do want to become comfortable handling bees, I do…but for now…I think I’ll be wearing gloves.

And I think after this first class, there’s no turning back.

I’m in love and in awe of these amazing little creatures.


Bee Happy!


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8 thoughts on “Bee My Honey

  1. I love bees too–just watching them work is good for me and to take photos of them on the flowers is great–and I am not afraid of bees–so I would be a good bee keeper-if I lived where I could do that–so have fun and I can't wait to see how yours work out for you.
    smiles, diandmissgracie

  2. I think its wonderful more people are aware of the declining bee population. We inherited a bee hive when we bought our new house. And we just ordered another hive to start this spring. Good luck with your adventure. Please keep us posted on your bee keeping.

  3. Bees are very amazing creatures and I admire you for learning about them and wanting to be a bee keeper. Living in the country I know several bee keepers, one of which makes honey wine and another lovely bees honey. It's so good for you too. However, I get very nervous around them and wouldn't want to be near them unless fully covered. I for one will thank you for doing this and hopefully you will raise and save bees from extinction! Just "Handle with Care". 😉

  4. Hi Cindy, yes, bees are very important to all of us and I have noticed less and less each year too.
    I was also stung once when I was a little girl and I remember how painful it was but it did make me afraid later in life. Wishing you lots of fun in the classes and much success raising your bees.
    Hugs, CM

  5. Cindy, I think it sounds like a wonderful thing to do and I have no doubt you will do well with them! My hubby and I were looking to buy some local honey while in TN…it was SO expensive for a very small quantity…I guess due to the limited supply. Good luck with your new adventure!

  6. That is so exciting! I am looking forward to hearing more about your classes, and your future with bees! I would "love" to have bees, but my husband is not so much in agreement with me on that venture! Some friends have a couple hives, and it is so neat being in their yard with all the buzzing going on around us. So excited for you 🙂

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