My Old Shop

I thought it would be fun to show you a shop that I owned way back when.

Back in 1982. When I was young and energetic!

Here it is in all it’s glory.

It was an old, neglected house and needed a bit of work to make it into a shop.
See the sign? Yep, that’s a headboard. We thought we were quite clever with that.
Funny, how that idea is still around after all these years later.
And here’s a before shot of the house. The clean up was a family affair.
Here’s the inside when we first walked in.
Yuck…we were crazy. Yes, we were!
The floor in the front room was so bad that hubby fell through it while replacing it. Ouch!
Here’s my sweet, loving grandma doing her part cleaning that nasty stove in the kitchen.
Always a smile on her face. I miss her so.
And then there is the story of the wagon I bought at an auction.
I wanted it to display in the yard to draw attention to the shop.
I had to call the hubby to bring his old truck to pull this wagon to the shop.
This wagon was old. It was rickety. It was not meant to travel any more.
Hubby hooked it up the best he could and we were off with me following behind.
We crawled at a snail’s pace because of the wagon’s poor condition.
The wagon swerved. It weaved. It moaned. It groaned.
But we made it hours later after many stops and adjustments.
I have to laugh about it now. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
And here I am behind the counter of the shop at Christmas time.
See that old post office piece behind me?
I bought that at the same auction where I bought the wagon.
It was sitting in the barn with the sheep.
And the sheep had chewed on one of the lower shelves. LOL!
I still have that post office unit. It’s in my kitchen and I use it to store my dishes and cookbooks.
And that shelf? I like the chewed up look and left it as is. It tells a story.
I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes in concerning my health.
I really appreciate it and I am almost at 100% again.
I have not had a chance to do some visiting with you all.
The internet has been down for awhile now.
 Just waiting for it to be repaired.
Hope you have a good weekend!

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7 thoughts on “My Old Shop

  1. Glad to read you are finally feeling better! Thanks for sharing your pics. What a family effort to restore that building. How many years did you have your business? Take care!

  2. What a SWEET old house for a shop! I'm sure you loved it there for many years….I love visiting shops! There isn't as many (especially unique, quaint ones) like your former one anymore. Kinda sad how things change but there is some around! So glad you are "on the mend" Blessings~~~Roxie

  3. I love your old house turned shop Cindy! What a lot of work you did to get it going. How interesting about the old wagon and the post office shelf. I'm glad you are feeling better and hope your internet is fixed soon. Take care. Pam

  4. Hi Cindy, Love seeing the old house turned shop. How cute you look behind the counter among the wonderful treasures. Such a sweet pic of your grandmother. She has the sweetest smile. The old wagon was a treasure and I loved hearing how you got it to the shop.
    Thanks for sharing this fun post from the past.
    Have a great weekend and blessings to you.

  5. LOVE this post and seeing your 'old' shop! I want that wagon for our farm! I never got a photo of that cabinet in your kitchen either. I totally loved it. And finally seeing your Grandmother! Well, it was just a lovely, lovely post and started my day out right! Blessings, My Friend

  6. I enjoyed these pictures! You certainly and energy and determination! Your Grandma looks so sweet.
    I just got done browsing through your store. Several pieces I need to show my husband, but I am sure after the countertop purchase tonight, my spending has been put on hold 🙂

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