Mother Hubbard, I Love Cupboards


I don’t know about you, but…

I believe one can never have too many cupboards.

Whether they are jelly cupboards, Hoosier cabinets, or a hutch or two…

they are wonderful for storage and eye candy for your farmhouse decor.


So you can imagine my delight as I saw this.


Well, Mother Hubbard! I squealed! And then I saw more!
Good old hubby kept saying, ‘We don’t have the truck, anymore.’
See, this was a shop we stopped in while in TN over the weekend.
This shop was loaded with good stuff and these cupboards were all on the second floor.
And there even more cupboards down at the other end.
Most of them were in the $300-$400 range.
I could put a cupboard in every room if I had the space.
When hubby reminded me that we no longer had the truck, I told him we could always bring the utility trailer next time. (SMILE)

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8 thoughts on “Mother Hubbard, I Love Cupboards

  1. Aren't those GREAT old cupboards? I love them, too. I rescued the ones my BIL tore out when he redid their kitchen and use them in the garage. You can never have too many cabinets. I ALWAYS wanted a Hoosier! xo Diana

  2. I love those old cupboards. I had one and when we downsized I gave it to my daughter. Everytime I visit her I give my old cupboard a big hug. 🙂 Great blog, my first time to visit.

  3. Wow! Wouldn't you like to have a wall just like that in your kitchen? Those cupboards are becoming few and far between around here. I've never seen that many in one place! Remember: Where there's a will, there's a way! lol

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