Just Dreamin’…


A cold, lazy Saturday calls for pokin’ through some shops and doing some dreamin’.

All by myself.  🙂

I pushed and shoved my way through a barn. A huge barn. Three stories of barn goodness.


Next, was a cute, little shop with a variety of vendor booths.
I could see myself set up there if I wanted to be in a shop.
Then there was this shop. This shop was for sale.
 Built as a home in 1910.
The merchandise did not catch my attention, but the house did.
I started looking at it as if I was a potential buyer.
I could easily live in the back of this home which has a new addition on it.
The front had 4 to 5 rooms that could easily be used as my shop.
How great would that be?
Now this won’t be happening due to the timing.
And that’s okay. It’s always fun to dream a little.


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