A Tad of Old Time Pickin’

We went to Ohio over the weekend and I had to make a quick stop to look for enamelware.

Found some!


I had to grab that pulley and the letterpress drawer, too.
I have piles and piles of enamelware in my basement.
Today, I started pulling it all out of boxes and washed every single piece.
My hands weren’t pleased with that decision, but they felt better after an application of shea butter.
Plans for all that enamelware?
Well, it will be paired up with my handcrafted soaps and be up for sale.
Rustic and Simple. A vintage farmhouse look.
I think it will be a good fit. For me. My shop. And my buyers.


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6 thoughts on “A Tad of Old Time Pickin’

  1. Nothing like the wonderment of beautifull smelling soap and earthware and ironstone to make things all fell warm and cozy.

    Going back to catch up on older posting getting to know your style.

    I would love to see you visit for some Prairie-Style inspiration.


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