You Know You Are Getting Old When…


You make oatmeal soap and forget to put the oatmeal in!!!

LOL! I must be getting old!



Recently, I’ve invested the time, energy, and money into making my own soaps.

And I hope to be able to sell my soaps someday soon.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with my own formulas and determining what I like.


I knew that I wanted an oatmeal soap so that is what I worked on yesterday.

I thought adding honey and cinnamon would really complement the oatmeal. Don’t you think so?

I must have been too excited about the possibilities. The honey made it in. The cinnamon made it in.

And I added a few extras to make the soap a little more special.


I plopped the soap into the mold and was quite pleased with myself.

Until I saw the oatmeal sitting there on the counter. All by itself. All forgotten.

What the heck!?! Am I getting old? Sigh.


So here I have some fresh bars of oatmeal soap sitting on my counter with no oatmeal.

Wait, new idea! I’ll just say that this is my honey and cinnamon soap. Yes, that will do.

Forget the idea that I’m getting old. I’m just creative as all get out!

Yep, that’s it. I’m creative.

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8 thoughts on “You Know You Are Getting Old When…

  1. Great post, Cindy. I thought I was the only one who did things like that…lol! I am sure the honey/cinnamon soap is just simply delightful too! I never even thought about making my own soap, although I have purchased them and love them!

  2. lol… sounds like something I would do! Are you doing cold press soap? I took a class last spring on making soap. I was hooked! Just wish I had more time to experiment with it. Good Luck on your soap making venture!

  3. Hi Cindy, boy have I been there!! LOL However you are very creative and I love your honey and cinnamon soap. I imagine the scent is wonderful. This is something I have not tried yet. My grandmother used to make all their soaps.
    Enjoy and have fun making creating.
    Weekend Blessings!

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