Stubborn as a Mule


This is Chip. Chip and his impression of a mule.

I’m pulling. He’s put on the brakes. He can be a stubborn little fella.

We were ready to walk across the dam when this occurred.
He walks across the dam everyday. But this day was different.
On our walk the day before he heard a gun go off. And he is afraid of guns.
So now, he was associating walking across the dam with gun shots.
So…here I am. Pulling him. All the way across the dam.
Telling him he needed to face his fears. Yes.
“Face your fears, Chip! Face your fears!”

Now I know some folk who are just like this. They have their fears.

They are not open to new possibilities, always putting on the brakes.

There is a whole wonderful world out there.

We shouldn’t put limitations on ourselves, but we do.


As small children, we have no fear. We believe we can do anything.

That is…until we are told otherwise and then it becomes a self belief.

As adults we need to have more faith so we can move forward.

Try new things. Experience life to the fullest.

We just need to believe it will be okay.


And Chip…he’s back to his old self. He faced his fear and is enjoying his walks again.
Lesson learned. It will be okay.


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9 thoughts on “Stubborn as a Mule

  1. Amen! Hard to do at times but better for us in the end. The quicker we face those fears, the quicker we can get back to our ole self. Way to go, Chip! I'm proud of you! And, your Mom for the reminder.
    Hugs and Head Pats,

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