Bee Happy

I love bees! Such fascinating little critters.

So small, yet so crucial and significant when it comes to our food supply.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw honey bees.

Yes…I saw honey bees! In my garden.

You may be thinking ‘big deal’. But it is a big deal!
I have not had honey bees in my garden for a few years now.
Oh, I’ve had other bees like mason bees and bumblebees.
So where were all the honey bees?
This year, I noticed one little gal coming all by her lonesome.
Even though I was happy to see her come every day, I wondered why she was not inviting her friends.
She should have been going back to the hive and doing her happy dance to tell all the other bees about my great garden.
Then the other day, I noticed that she did tell all her gal pals. I was surrounded by honey bees.
Lots of happy honey bees. Working away in my garden.
What can I say? Thank goodness. Thank God.

And one day? I hope to become a beekeeper.

Bee happy, y’all!

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