Waiting For Spring


We just had more snow and ice. Lots of it.

So I’m waiting for spring.

Yep, that’s what I’m doing.


How about you?


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10 thoughts on “Waiting For Spring

  1. I am SO OVER WINTER. . . ! but there is a promise of spring in the weather today. . . 17+ inches of snow, -14 below and winds making it neg 20. . . that was yesterday. . .today its 47, sunny, no wind and I'm happy. . . C'mon spring. . . ~d

    (I have a few new posts on my blog with grain sacks and wooden bowls if you want to check em out

  2. It snowed here on Friday & Sat. Bitter cold too. It's snowing as I'm writing this comment and it looks like we're going to warm up to the 20's this week.
    I must say I'm enjoying the sun's warmth and how long it stays light out now. Spring is truly around the corner ~ fingers crossed!!!
    For now I'll just dream as I look at my new gardening magazines!
    Stay Warm!
    Prim Blessings

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