Kiss A Critter

It’s Spring!!!


Go ahead. Let your hair down. Kick up your boots.


Celebrate. Enjoy. Kiss a critter.

Say what?



This little baby goat and my granddaughter bonded and became best buds.


So for spring, I’m not going to show you…

how I decorated my mantel,

how I crafted something cute for the season,

or how I whipped up something delicious in the kitchen

…because none of that is happening.


I’m taking a very simplistic approach to life and enjoying it.

I think we all go too hard at it and miss too much while we’re ‘busy’.

So my advice is to sit back and enjoy the day.

Celebrate your life. And don’t forget. Go kiss a critter.


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11 thoughts on “Kiss A Critter

  1. What an adorable picture!!! And is there anything more Spring than kids and goats…:) I wonder if Rod Stewart wants a big old smack this morning…:))))) Enjoy your day!!

  2. How sweet is that. . . and well put. . . 10,000 words couldn't have said it better. . .

    I'd love for you to stop by my blog if you get chance. . .

    Happy Spring~a~ling. . . ~d

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