Just a Tad Stir Crazy

So what’cha doing?

Are you reading some? Cleaning up a little? Pursuing some projects?

I’m doing a little of those and a lot of going stir crazy with this wild weather.



Due to the ice and snow, I may not be able to get out until spring comes around. My vehicle is snowed in and iced up at the bottom of our very steep driveway. Such is our country life!

I’m happy, though, cause the sun decided to shine this morning. I went out and stomped around a bit even though it is only in the single digits. Just a tad cold, but did I mention the sun was shining?



Our critters are becoming a little bored. They are finding new ways to entertain themselves. Kit Kat was sliding across the kitchen floor with a pretzel stick that hubby dropped. And just what was that chewing noise? Oh. Dale, my big boy dog, found a paint stick in my stash and chewed it up all over the floor. He thought he was in trouble, but all I could do was laugh.


We have another winter advisory for today. Sigh.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring. Do I hear an ‘Amen’ out there?



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15 thoughts on “Just a Tad Stir Crazy

  1. Amen! Your countryside sure looks beautiful in the cold, snow and ice though. Just as ours does. I just keep saying to myself….just get through February and it will be better. 🙂

  2. AMEN. . . it was a whopping – 27 last night, sposed to warm up to a balmy -4 today. . . but like in your neck of the woods. . . the sun is shining. . . be warm and safe ~ d

  3. AMEN ( and Halejulah ) I can't take much more of this – my skin's the color of chalk lol –
    I took the dog out for a walk yesterday and she was so cold she held it in until we got back in the house and promptly went on the freshly washed floors –

  4. Oh goodness—but it's relatively warm here in sunny California. Tulip magnolia trees are blooming all over town and my daffodils are open. Snow comes about once every ten years although we do experience freezes. These are deadly on the citrus crops.
    Unfortunately with no real precipitation we are experiencing a horrid drought. The effects of which will be experienced this summer when our farmers will maybe have just enough water to keep their trees alive but in a state of stress. Water intensive crops like melon will be scarce and the price, well who knows. It is never too late for rain or snow but timing is everything with our farmers.
    Hope your freezes end soon,

  5. Lovely sun!! Amazing how much better you feel when it shines even if it is still freezing! And I can't even THINK about exercising when it's so cold. So grab another cup of cocoa and a good book and dream of Spring! Have a great weekend!

  6. You got sun? Lucky, lucky you! I don't usually have a problem with winter but this one is killing me! And yes, the cats are reduced to dragging the craziest things around the house. A padded sweater hanging was the latest odd thing they have dragged down from upstairs. Spring, where are you?

  7. Amen! Dreading what they say is coming tonight and Wednesday. Ugh and double ugh! The Hope Flowers began to show their lovely yellow color last week, and now more winter weather is on its way. The pictures are lovely, but I am with you. come on spring!

  8. Evening Cindy, The sun was pretty today and temps are slightly rising……next week a HEAT wave? Can this be true? 50's?? This all makes me wonder about global warming?? These cold days slows life down…….AMEN!!! Blessings~~~Roxie

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