Country Fun Filled Weekend

Nothin’ like a country cutie to make one smile.

My little Sophia is coming to visit her Gramma this weekend.



Here she is, a pint sized gardener on her new homestead.

Sophia and her Mommy and her Daddy are working hard to make their dreams come true.

The garden has been expanded, the orchard has been planted, and the chicken coop has been built.


That little country gal will be growing up learning how to homestead.

It can’t get any better than that.


And yes, that dirt smudge on her bottom looks just like a heart.

Hope you all have a country fun filled weekend!



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9 thoughts on “Country Fun Filled Weekend

  1. Looks like Sophia is growing up right! Has she really grown that much? Hope you have an absolutely fantastic weekend with her–but I know you will. Nothing like a grandchild to put smiles on your face.
    Hugs to you both,

  2. Oh Cindy…this photo makes my day! It is the cutest thing ever! What a precious grandchild holder her rake! I love it! Surely there is a photo contest you could enter this in. I can't wait until I have a grandchild. You are blessed!

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