Spring Has Sprung

Spring has arrived!
Forsythia is in bloom.
Clothes are hanging on the line.
Spring blossoms are popping up out of the ground.
Seeds have been sown.
And sweet little eggs are waiting to hatch.
Spring has definitely arrived here at Old Time Farmhouse.
Has it arrived for you?
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15 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. What beautiful spring photos! They look so nice. It's a lovely day today here after a very cold few days but nothing is blooming yet (except crocus). I'll just enjoy the lovely photos of spring in blog land for now though. Keep them coming. Pamela

  2. Love the Forsythia…yellow to me always feels like Spring this time of the year! The eggs nestled in the nest speaks life too…thanks for sharing…it makes me feel more Springy. Check out my blog for more Spring flowers. Enjoy!
    Loretta XO

  3. Those pictures are fantastic! My forsythia is blooming and my red bud is gonna be beautiful if it don't rain..I need to plant some seeds. Great post Cindy!

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