Lost and Found

I’ve been a little lost lately.
Lost without my Google Reader.
Anyone else out there having the same problem?
We all know that Google Reader is going away.
Not happy about that at all.
It takes time to find something else.
It takes time to learn something else.
It takes time that I really don’t have.
I’m trying to make my life easier, not more difficult.
And my goal is not to be on the computer all day.
I doubt any of us will say at the end of our lives…
‘Gee, I wish I had spent more time on my computer.’
I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hometalk, and anything else that might be out there.
Heck, if you really want to know how techie I am not, I’ll tell you that I barely know how to use my cellphone. I prefer it that way.
What do I use besides a reader?
Blogger & Pinterest & My Etsy Shop
That’s it. That’s enough.
Maybe some of you don’t even use that.
Stand up. Be proud. Tell all.
So back to Goggle Reader.
I went ahead and found Bloglovin’ and Feedly.
Downloaded both which was extremely easy.
Once I did that, my Google Reader was no longer available.
I had to use Bloglovin’ and/or Feedly. And right now.
I started playing around with Bloglovin’ to read the blogs I follow.
For me it was very slow loading.
And when I wanted to comment, sometimes it would say the frame could not be loaded.
I had to leave without commenting.
This went on for a couple of weeks so I finally moved onto Feedly.
I think Feedly is more my style for a reader.
I will need to learn my way around and set it up correctly (which will take up time I don’t have, remember?).
So for now, I’m still a little lost.
Hopefully soon, I can say I’ve found my way around again.
Hopefully. Soon.
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12 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. I do blogging and that's it. I prefer it that way too 🙂 My hubs bought me a fancy phone and I figured it out but other than that I´m good! As far as readers not had any problems yet.

  2. I also switched to Feedly after much grumbling. Google decided to shut down Reader about a week after I set it up for Michael (I've been using it for years).

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I know all about this too. I lost my google reader last July and have had so much trouble finding blogs I read until I started with bloglovin. You have to import all the blogs you followed on Google reader and they do that for you in minutes. Then when you want to see your list, simply click on the link and it will open. I added the button for others to follow me on my sidebar. I found it simply and I have not had any problems. I don't miss the reader because it has been gone for me for so long.

    I do not have FB or the others. Just the blog, pinterest etsy and ECS and Shabby Cottage Shops. It is enough to do and still create.

    I'm not a fan of all the changes but they are coming and nothing we can do. In the end, we will all adapt.
    Blessings, CM

  4. Oh, I'm dreading the day Cindy. I haven't switched yet and hope to go to a friend's to help me with it soon. I hope google reader doesn't disappear before I switch though. I do Facebook (was on it before blogging to stay in touch with our daughter in another province) and spend very little time on Pinterest. My blog keeps me busy enough. Hugs, Pam

  5. It is really frustrating when something you get used to goes away. I didn't use Google Reader so thankfully I'm no worse off that it's gone. But I know a lot of people did like it so I bet it is annoying to have to switch!

  6. Evening Cindy, CHANGE isn't always good…..period. I still have google reader and did sign up for bloglovin…but it's not the same…oh well, I guess we just have to get use to that, then it will change too! I'm like you….I WANT SIMPLICITY! Have a wonderful week~~~Roxie

  7. Sorry that you feel lost without Google Reader. I've never use it…just follow blogs thru my Blogger Dashboard. I do find it hard for me when I get used to something that I really like and then it goes away as it is always difficult for me to get use to the new way of doing something.

  8. I'm on bloglovin' – but I use my dashboard to catch up
    I am so on board with you with the techie stuff – I'm like a lost soul everytime I have to learn something new with this computer!
    Have a great day Cindy

  9. Oh My heavens ..It's so nice to know there are others like yourself that are not on all those other social networks. I barely can handle blogging and etsy and so lucky my partner (mom) does pinterest. I agree sometimes I feel as though I am tied to the computer and can't get away. And I still carry a flip phone ..and have no idea how to set up the message system so if I don't answer they can't leave a message .I suppose that's like the old days and well some things in the old days were better or so I think …

    I haven't tried either blog lovin or feedly yet suppose I'll have to do that too .. !

    Happy Spring ..Sara

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