Hugs & Prayers

Sending out farmhouse hugs and prayers to all those impacted by the terrible event that occurred at the Boston Marathon. My daughter was a marathon runner before she had her baby and had qualified for the Boston Marathon in the past. So thankful for all those who stepped in to show kindness and bravery for those in need. Blessings to each and all today.
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5 thoughts on “Hugs & Prayers

  1. Such a sad sad thing. My heart goes out to those who lost a loved one My heart hurts for the fear that so many people will be experiencing. We should not have to be afraid…to constantly feel the need to look over our shoulder. I am thankful that no matter what happens, God is victorious!!

  2. So sad that we have to live in a time where someones vengence brings tragedy to everyday life. Bless all of those who have been affected.

  3. My daughter in law is a marathon runner. Suzan at Simply Vintageous said it well when she said they should never have to put their shoes on to run away.


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