He’s My Boy

I was looking for a specific photo for my Country Whites Weekend post
(which starts tomorrow morning-wink)
when I came across this photo.
His name is Dale and he’s my boy. He claimed me and his little brother, Chip, took to my hubby.
We are a good match. He is so loyal and dedicated.
He feels his job is to watch over me and the whole yard for any possible danger.
On day he even took care of a large snake that came a little too close to me.
He is a hound dog…some beagle and blue heeler. And a runner. Beagles are notorious for taking off.
Their noses lead them on adventures that can cause them trouble.
So he has a nice fenced in area. It makes me sad. I feel dogs should run just for the fun of it.
I do take him for a walk around the lake every day.
Sometimes we run part of it which makes him happy.
Dale and I always look for deer on our walks.
I just say the word and he stands very still while surveying the landscape.
Yesterday, we came across 4 deer at the side of the woods.
He’s as fascinated with them as they are with him.
Dale is my companion and best bud.
I’d do anything for him and I know he’d do the same for me.
He’s changed my life and who I am.
Dogs do that, you know.
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17 thoughts on “He’s My Boy

  1. Dale is a sweet companion and sounds like a wonderful dog. I fell in love with a dog 12 years ago for the first time in my life. He's still with us at our son's house but he's getting on in health now – blind and deaf. He's the best dog ever. Hugs, Pamela

  2. I have a beagle, so your Dale looks extra special to me! I love, no matter how little or long you are gone, those "friends" are thrilled to see you! Nothing like the love of a dog!

  3. Yes! They do change our lives–for the better! So thrilled to meet Dale! Finally! Now, where's Chip? I miss having a dog but have to be content with the cats for now. Once we retire (lol)and are home more (lol, I'm planning on a dog and chickens and maybe a Daisy cow and who knows what else!
    See ya tomorrow at the party!

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