My Baking Center

It started with my sourdough adventures.
I needed flour. Lots of flour and different types.
And I needed a space to store all this flour.
This old washstand previously held all my cookbooks.
I felt I could put it to better use as my baking center.
Just enough storage available in those drawers and shelves
I already had some large jars to display the flour.
I just made some quick labels to go on them.

The labels are large office labels that I painted black and cut into a shape.
I used a white paint pen for the lettering. Easy peasy!
I still have my old screen above the washstand.
I added a grater and small sifter to the top.
The dish towel hanging on the side was from a giveaway I won.
(Thanks Jean from Ruby & Arthur.)
I needed storage for some linens and towels so a galvanized bucket does the trick.
I always have galvanized buckets. They add to the farmhouse style with ease.
I love the look of this 1958 almanac.
The farm gal is so cute.
I just found these two matching bowls while out pickin’ the other weekend.
I knew they would fit perfectly here.
Added some primitive measuring cups and a vintage cloth napkin.
I’ve had this little yellow pitcher in storage forever. 
I added some old spoons and it’s a perfect fit with my cookbooks.
Even though blue is my favorite color for decorating, I’m surprised at the pops of red showing up all over the house. Who knew? I like it. This old scoop with the chippy red handle is for display only. 
I have other scoops for my flour in the top drawer of the wash stand.
And there ya have it.
A baking center.
Just for me.
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21 thoughts on “My Baking Center

  1. It looks great Cindy. I love the red handle spoon. As much as I try to drown out the red in my keeps showing up…I loe pops of red! It looks as if you are all ready to bake a pics…lol.. Blessings!

  2. I love that you have a "baking" area! I think those large glass jars are too sweet! Wouldn't mind tryin that myself! There's nothing like a farmhouse look! (p.s. glad I'm moving to another farmhouse!) Blessings~~~Roxie

  3. I love those jars with the little black stickers on them ..OMGOODNESS and your RUBY & Arthur towel (love them) .. Its all amazing. Hard to pick a fave for sure. YOUR place is never anything less than beautiful . YOU have an eye for GORGEOUS stuff girl.. Hugs and blessings wished your way ..Love, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  4. Love your baking center!! Of course, I love the glass jars…I have my flour and sugar in glass jars too. I even have an old glass jar with a green lid that I just put out on the counter with some snacks in it. I have the same old scoop with a chippy red handle, but mine is really rusted…I have it displayed in the buffet area.

  5. Cindy, I love your new (old) baking center. The jars turned out so cute and I have always adored your screen. I have a chippy scoop just like yours. I love that your adding some red and I will be adding blue to my basement kitchen. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. I finally found it! Went back through the posts, then looked on the side and a link was there all the time! lol I do love your "baker's cabinet" and what you've done to it! I know you'll enjoy it. Reminds me of my Mom and her wash stand that sat in her kitchen. Glad Kit Kat has adjusted, too!

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