A Broom, A Laundry Basket, and…

…A Rooster.

What do they have in common?
Well, it all came together one evening last week.
Roo, the rooster that adopted me, was having a good day.
It wasn’t too cold and he was out and about doing his thing.
He likes to free range and practice his running skills around the yard.
I think he practices so he can outrun me when he has to.
Each evening before the sun sets, he flies up into his favorite tree to roost for the evening.
I’ve managed a couple of times to corral him into our garage if it is going to be extremely cold.
If you missed that first crazy attempt, I posted about it here.
So on this particular day, I thought the temps might drop and I better shoo him into the garage.
Nope. Nothing doing. Leave me alone. Full attitude.
Fine. So I let him be.
I come into the house, fixed supper, ate, and then turned on the news.
The weather for the evening…
Wind gusts. Wind chill below zero. Snow and ice.
Great! Well, I paced and worried about that crazy bird until 10:00 pm.
Then it happened. The wind started to howl and the snow started to come down.
Hubby was in bed so I was on my own. I put on my boots and my heavy coat.
How in the world am I going to get a rooster out of a tree in the dark, with the harsh wind and the wet snow?
I grabbed a broom, a laundry basket, and a jacket. That ought to do it!
I walked outside with my weapons of choice hoping the neighbors wouldn’t see me.
It was miserable out there.
I looked up in the tree. Roo looked down.
I gently tried to nudge him down while talking to him. 
Nope. Nothing doing.
Well at this pace, we both were going to freeze to death and that’s not happening.
I started swatting at him with the broom, poking at him, and thinking about cussing at him.
It’s now or never. Yep. He went flying out of that tree.
I knew I had to move fast as he ran toward the garden.
Remember? He practices his running skills everyday.
Fortunately, Roo ran between the garden fence and my boxwood which was a very tight squeeze.
I shoved that laundry basket under his bottom and shoved him into it, and threw the jacket on top.
I then carried him into the garage, put him in his cage, and told him that he was darn lucky!

I always call him a crazy bird.
Hmmm…I may be considered the crazy one after all that.

And so…that is my life with Roo, the rooster who adopted me.
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13 thoughts on “A Broom, A Laundry Basket, and…

  1. I can just see the story playing out in my head…Hahaha…My hubby says that I could not farm because I would be out bring all the animals into the house when the weather changed….and it is sooo true! Ilove your big beautiful white rooster..Glad you got him safely in the garage…Blesings to you and the rooster who adopted you.. Great story!

  2. Hi Cindy. I give you great kudos for chasing that grouchy bird into the warmth. I love hearing about the farm and reliving when I was little, at my grandparents farm, but, for now I am contented with my Roo that sits on the kitchen table and has really good manners..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. That crazy bird was probably one happy rooster the next morning. Thanks for having the courage to post this! I think you put a smile on a lot of faces with this post!

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