#5 Features…Hearts, Whitewashing, & Pins

Morning all!
Yesterday was a warm, beautiful, sunny day here.
I can almost smell spring just around the corner.
I can always hope anyway!

Okay…let’s get down to business!
I have some features from the Old Time Party and a giveaway winner.
First, I want to announce the winner.

Drum roll please…Sherry @ The Charm of Home, you have won the three vintage hangers!
I’ll need your address, my friend.
Now onto the top three viewed from last week’s Old Time Party.
Love is Everywhere @ It’s All Connected
She shared her sweet valentines that she made for her grandchildren. 
Aren’t they adorable?
Whitewashing a crate table and tool carrier @ The Country Farm Home
She made a ‘silk purse out of a sow’s ear’. Her words not mine, but I have to agree.
Whitewashing is a great solution.
Sunny-side up @ The Zeigler Homestead
She shared photos from her Pinterest board to help cure the blues from her family being sick.
Hope everyone is better by now!

Thanks to all those who joined in at the Old Time Party!
You can grab the button if you were featured.

Love y’all!!!

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13 thoughts on “#5 Features…Hearts, Whitewashing, & Pins

  1. Well, I'm surprised! Thanks to everyone who read the post on whitewashing! Believe me, the crate table WAS a sows ear!
    And, congrats to Sherry for her giveaway win and all those who were featured! It was a great party!

  2. Wow, congratulation for your give away winner Cindy.The last photo inspired me a lot. because I am preparing garden design for mine. I love it 😉
    have a nice weekend
    love ya too

  3. Hi Cindy….
    It's such a sunny day and I'd imagine life in the country it is doubly sunny. I enjoyed your features…each one of them. Oh…Just look at those pretty and plump chickens. They look so cute lined up along the fence.

    I love your blog and find such sweet respite everytime I stop by.

    Have a great weekend, my friend,
    Carolynn xoxo

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