Embrace Your Journey

As I look down upon my new farm boots (thank you, Santa),
I visualize the journey I wish to embark upon this coming year.
I’ve never been one to make resolutions. Just not my style.
But I do like to reflect and contemplate if my journey is on the right path as I try to keep my life sweet and simple. I continually have an ‘old time’ desire to get back to the basics.

Right now…
I bake my own bread. Do I need to make a sourdough starter so my bread is healthier?
I tend to my garden during its normal season. Do I need to extend my garden so I can harvest year round?
I have a rooster. Do I need to take the leap and get some chickens for fresh eggs?
I do some canning of fruits and vegetables. Do I need to make a pantry to put up and store more food?
These are just a few thoughts and ideas I’m considering.
With the new year arriving, now is the time to prepare for my journey.
I plan to journal what I attempt whether it turns out good, bad, or anything in between.

Currently, I’m in the information mode with stacks of books and magazines by my side.
As I sift and sort through all of it, I’m truly inspired.

I’m about ready to embrace my journey for the new year.
How about you? Do you have a journey?
Farmhouse hugs for the new year,
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12 thoughts on “Embrace Your Journey

  1. I have two types of journals. One is my creative journal where I scribble pictures and jot down phrases that I like. The other is where I write my goals for the year, my dreams and hopes for the year and where I keep track of significant events. Like the tragic earth quake in Haiti or the birth of a child etc. As I write, I invision my grandchildren reading it after I am gone. I want them to have a little bit of me.

  2. I was just chatting with my sis about wanting to do even more of a natural lifestyle this coming year. I've loved the canned a frozen veggies I did down myself and the chickens have been a real delight! I like this plan of yours!

  3. I love this blog post and yes I think all the things your considering are good and blessing your family as well. AND who knows extending your garden might bless a neighbor in need. YA never know… SO go for it all. and love the boots.. Santa did great !!!!
    I am facing the new year head on and on a journey for KINDESS with all people even the challenging ones in life .. I too plan on keep a record in journal of it all

  4. Love the boots! Right now, I'm surrounded by books, magazines, old journals, notes made, tear-outs, photos–all to look at what direction I want to take! We farm gals have to make our plans! And, my main plan is to enjoy the journey! Hope your new year will be as simple and sweet as you'd like it to be. And, yes, Roo needs a woman! lol

  5. YES, get more chickens! 🙂 You knew I would say that, right? haha. If you do get some hens, I'd recommend getting at the bare minimum 4 or 5 so Roo has plenty of girls to love on. If he only has 1 or 2 hens they may get too much lovin and get bare backs and just generally be unhappy!

  6. Evening Cindy! As I read your post, it hits home with me too….for 2013, I know there will be change coming for me and my family. I have read a few posts of woman who feel the same way. Back to basics..simple as possible~~a wonderful thing! It is still hard work but worth it! I'm excited to see/read about the things to come for you at the farmhouse…..Blessings and Happy New Year! Roxie

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